Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Brothers goofing around

Well, since Strike already bears our surname He's already a part of our Family. He knows Dad not as Rey but as his father because he's always at dad's side whenever he's around. He knows Mom not as Josie but as his mother because he's afraid and would hide under my bed when mom gets angry at him. And I bet he thinks he's our baby sibling. We even address ourselves as ate and kuya whenever we talk to him. Anyway, this post is about my brothers.
Marco loves having pictures with Strike, and we kept on finding ways on how to make Strike look at the camera. But most of the time, we fail. Anyway, these 2 always piss each other off, and they would run around the house and stop only until Mom gets angry at them. Well, that's how they love each other. Look at this picture! It's the moment before Strike sneezes, I love it!!
Well anyway, that's practically it. I just want to let you know that these pets should be treated as family, not just like an animal. They are the ones that love you more than themselves and would even protect you if the time comes. Take care of them and they'll be forever thankful for you presence. ;)


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