Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Loving Unico Moda

If you have read some of my posts, I blogged about the online shop Unico Moda. They have a stall in our neighborhood so it's easy for me to drop by anytime after class. If you want to check out their page, here's the link for:
My blog post about Unico Moda
Facebook page of Unico Moda
Anyway, I just want you guys to know that Agatha, will be having her own kabuki brush for 130pesos instead of 150pesos that I saw at Alabang.

I saw a Mac Hello Kitty Kabuki brush at Starmall Alabang Starmall. It has a small pouch so you can carry it neatly inside your bag. I was supposed to look for that one at Unico Moda and to my surprise I found a better one! This kabuki brush is a retractable one and it's way denser than the one I saw at Alabang. I hope Agatha likes this, because if she didn't I'll be keeping this one! The next one is the lipstain I've been seeing in a lot of blogs nowadays.
This Excel Paris Lipgloss, stands true with the 24hours lipgloss. As many of the blogs I've read, it indeed stays on your lips for a whole day. Pam, a friend of mine who is using this product told me that it will not fade even if you already had your meal. I can't wait to try it and have a review. Anyway, for now I tell you to check out their site. Till next time! ;))


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