Sunday, June 3, 2012

I wonder

It amazes me that people really enjoy reading my blog. I mean, I talk about anything under the sun like make ups then my everyday life then anything about med school. That's why it made me so happy to see this!
For a normal blogger like me to have 189 views, that's a lot. And I got 4 followers today. Yey for me! Anyway, the thing I'm wondering about is that online shops at Facebook started to add me at my personal account. Uhmm. Thank you for finding me but I don't have enough budget to purchase products on every online shops I see. Besides, I just love looking at the beauty products.
I have a screenshot of Pampanga's Kikay Corner, I have checked out this page and I like what I saw in here. This is a page where beauty and fashion meet. Anyway, you've got to check this out in case you need something out of beauty or fashion. So, how about some window shopping? ;)


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