Thursday, June 21, 2012

AVON Glimmerstick Eyeliner

The Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner is like a gel type liner that smoothly glides on your eyelids. It can be placed just as is or it can be smudged for a smokey eye effect. I had this when I was in nursing because it's very easy to use. I stopped using this because it's 100 plus pesos that day and I can't afford to have that one, so instead I usually buy the pencil eyeliner that I see in our neighborhood and it only costs 10pesos. For 4years now, I have nothing against my 10pesos eyeliner pencil. Anyway, let's get it on with this Avon thingy.
This cost me 119pesos because it's on sale when my mom bought it for me. I decided to try this again after a few years because I see many bloggers using high end eyeliners like this (gel like, pen type.) Stila has one like this. Anyway, these types of eyeliners are used to line the tightline and the water line of your eyes.

*Tightline-below the upper lash bed.
*Waterline-lower lash bed

They got 2 colors for this. One brown and one black. I got the black because I love how it frames the eyes making a simple line look more dramatic. Besides my mom said that the brown wouldn't show much at all. So yes to BLACK! Here's a swatch of this liner on the back of my hairy hand.
Uhmm, if ever you have any suggestions of eyeliners that could be easy to use for tight lines please let me know at the comment box below. I'm still learning a few things about this. Till next time! ;)


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