Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3RD Lasallian Assembly

Third Lasallian Assembly, I was really a nice celebration because it was themed as a carnival. This is the celebration of the Jubille Year of DLSHSI. And I would have some pictures here so you'll grasp the concept that they have done inside the Animo Center.
See how many balloons are here? The design of the stage is like the usual Carnival tent you see in different movies. If they released some fireworks, it would have been the best Lasallian celebration ever.

Have I told you that whenever I see or hear Bro. Gus, it feels like he has an orchestra of angels singing behind his back. He's got a great aura that can make a hundred people shut up and listen to him. He wouldn't ask people to listen to him but the instant he speaks, the whole place will turn silent and everyone listens to him. That's how powerful his presence is.
After the speech given by Bro. Gus, the tall people entered the place. I have no idea what these guys are called so I just call them long legged man. Anyway, if you know what these guys are called, please leave it at the comment box below.
Then there was a band performing songs from Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson. For those people who are close minded and couldn't accept that Lady Gaga's songs are just song (and not satanic in any way), please open your ears and listen to what she has to say. Michael Jackson, I have loved him ever since I was a kid that's why it broke my heart knowing that he already passed away.
They are the first to perform. I'm sorry I forgot about their names but I just love how they play with the strings and lights. Their performance was quite cute because I love seeing shapes done by the lights on their equipments. I really have no idea what those things are called, leave them in the comment box if you know what those are called.
Sorry if some of the pictures are blurred, Japa just kept taking pictures that time. She told me that she's so amazed with the acrobats that she can't keep her eyes from them. And who wouldn't? They have great sense of balance and they are greatly entertaining. See the picture above? Balance baby, that's what I'm talking about.
Let's now talk about flexibility. The crowd kept screaming as the 2 girls bend their bodies backward just to pic up the hanky on the floor using their mouth. I was thinking, WOW! They really have cartilages for bones all over their body. I was so amazed at these 2 girls. Ok, I'll post a bit more pictures here even though they are a bit blurred.
And of course, a Lasaliian event would never be complete without Brother Jon-jon roaming around the place. And of course, my love for cute things urge me to convince Agatha to take a picture of me with Brother Jon-jon. Look how cute this mascot is. Till next time. ;)


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