Monday, May 28, 2012

Thanks Nuffnang

I won another giveaway. This time it's from Nuffnang.
I still have no idea if I'll go to this because I know Mom and Dad will not approve of me watching this late. Maybe I'll ask them nicely. Shangri-La Plaza? Maybe that's at Shaw Station of the MRT, I guess. I still haven't replied, I need to talk to my parents first. 23 years old, still asking permission to watch a movie from parents, yeah right. We are that old fashion family.
Here's the link for the list of winners:

Snow White and the Huntsman Movie Screening: 

Contest Winners

Ok that part of my post was an hour ago. I asked my Mom right now and she said OK! as long as I'll be going with my brother since I've got 2 tickets! ;)


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