Monday, May 28, 2012

Less than a week of vacation left

June 5 will be the start of classes. It'll be the start of another set of drama as a 2nd year med student. A lot of tranx to memorize, books to read, doctors to please, evaluation exams to pass and lectures to stay awake to.
I know I can make it!
For now, I need to enjoy my last week of vacation. And tomorrow, I'll be going to drown myself in a pool because I haven't been able to swim or even go near a beach or a pool this whole vacation. Boring right? So instead, I kept reading my 2nd year books even though it's vacation. When I'm starting on pathology (which is a hell lot like biochem and physio in one), it feels like my book is this THICK and felt like fainting.
I'm not really good at biochem. I barely passed that subject and I'm scared as crap thinking that if I fail this subject, I won't be able to deal with it and take it another year! The concept is just out of my league, and I always felt:
Let me repeat! I'll go swimming tomorrow and maybe go window shopping at Divisoria! I'm so excited thinking I'll be in the water for hours not thinking about Sunburn!! XD


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