Sunday, May 27, 2012

Superb Sale Bazaar at SMX

Woke up around half past 4 in the morning, I have no idea why. I can't even remember my dream, if ever I was dreaming. Maybe I was just excited to go to the bazaar at SMX. Anyway, I went back to sleep and woke up around 8 in the morning and got prepared. KC and I met at Pala-pala around 11am and arrived at SM Mall of Asia around 12.30nn. We (including Alvin) had lunch at Bonchon for the first time because I badly wanted to try their chicken. I got the drumstick with rice then ordered a Frozen Yogurt with Blueberry.. KC bought some takoyaki from Musashi takoyaki for us! ;)

Then we proceeded to SMX for the Superb Sale Bazaar. Don't forget the 100pesos entrance fee! ;)
We had to go aisle per aisle so we could visit each store. They got make up,  shoes, clothes, swim wear and they also got food stalls in case you got hungry from shopping. We need to go on round 2 just to find the Krave stall because I've been wanting to buy Oil Eliminator, in the end I also bought the Mist Spritz. Here's what Kc and I bought at the bazaar.
I was having some dimsum and milk tea when KC said Ms. Say is just behind her and I almost screamed when I saw her because she's with Ms. Kat of Krave Minerals. We decided to let them have their snack then ambush them for a picture. I'm so ecstatic that moment I'M SURROUNDED BY PRETTY WOMEN! She also said that she'd be including us in her vlog at Youtube *we'll be waiting for that.* ;))
We head back to the Mall because a lot of people are already crowding the bazaar, besides we already had some make up we wanted. KC decided to take Alvin and I at the Bay, but of course I had to grab some Japanese Ice cream for snack. (photos c/o KC)
We were overwhelm with the site of 2 America's Next Top Model Winners. They got Allison and Dominique right there, and this is the nicest shot Alvin can take at that moment. ;)
Before having our dinner, we passed by UNIQLO where you have to vote for your favorite shirt design and get a chance to win a trip to Japan or get the shirt you want. We watched KC vote for Peanuts while we waited. *I actually let her have everything like, have the make over or vote online.*
We had our dinner at Sbarro. KC and I had Chicago White and Alvin got Angus Steak AGAIN. James, Kc's friend had some fish fillet and veggie pizza. Before heading home. I love these people! <3


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