Sunday, May 27, 2012

Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals: Oil Eliminator & Skin Hydrator, Mist Spritz

Yes, I went to the bazaar to meet Ms. Say and Ms. Kat at the Krave's stall. Well besides that I've been wanting to have the Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator ever since I saw it on Facebook. I have a very oily skin which is why I really wanted to have one for my own. Let's get on with this.
Package is very easy to open, plus it has a sponge inside so the product will not create a mess upon opening. I like it! And the Mist Spritz is also easy to use, it's just just spraying your favorite perfume. I got my Oil Eliminator for 260pesos and Mist Spritz for 200pesos. *Excuse the NYX lipstick there, I just wanted to have a shot of the Krave products with the Superb logo of the free bag.*
I don't have anything else to say but IT WORKS! Here's a picture of me yesterday, no oil control for me that day. Notice the shine on my nose? That's the first part where I tend to get oily 2-3hours after make up application then the rest of the face follows. *Oil control paper is my best buddy!*
Today, I used the Oil Eliminator as a primer before applying my BB cream then powder. I didn't use a lot of make up just to test the power of the Oil Eliminator. After powder, I used the Mist Spritz for setting it. And here's a picture of me today, pardon the quality because I just used my phone in this picture.
Sorry I had to blur the edges just so the focus will be on the face. About the first photo, I love the dewy look the Mist Spritz gave. After 6 hours out in the sun (because we were at Tagaytay and I'm not feeling the cool air there) here is how I looked like. May I say that, minus the lipstick and the blush, MY FACE DIDN'T GET OILY! You can't see a shiny part on my face right? I love it and would definitely use these duo everytime I'm going out! Thank you so much Ms. Kat and Ate of Krave for explaining how these products are used.
Here's the link for: Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals


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