Thursday, May 24, 2012

Books beside MED-books

I've been reading books since I was in Grade 5. The first one I had was the Secret Garden the followed by The Little Princess then the Nancy Drew collection. I've been into reading books because my friends also had these kinds of books and we would just borrow from each other. I make a good set of friends right? And today I just want to show you 2 of my favorite books. These are actually based from a true life story. I might say that these books are the best I've read so far and I suggest you read these too!
About Angel Child, it is about a girl who can hear hundreds of voices. Some say its a multiple personality disorder but she claims not. You've got to read this book if you are into life stories. You be the judge what's wrong with her. I got this book at Booksale for 35pesos. Another book that I love is The Best Little Girl in the World, this is about a teenage girl fighting for her life over anorexia. And Anorexia has been a problem in our society because of the high standards of being thin / slim. With this book, you'll be able to view how an anorexic feels like. I got this one from Booksale for 15pesos. Anyway, what other books will you suggest? ;)


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