Monday, May 7, 2012

ELF Eyelid Primer & Liner Sealer

This ELF (eyes lips face) product is just given to me by Abie, a friend of mine who is very good at doing make up. She says that she's not much into using eyeshadow so she won't be needing the primer so she gave it to me. The package comes with a stick primer and a slim brush tip on the other end. Here's how the package looks like.

I've been using the primer for quite a long time now and it hasn't failed me ever since. The primer is in natural color and the sealer is clear. Priming your eyelids before applying eyeshadow makes the color look more vibrant and lasts longer. I barely use the liner sealer because the liquid eyeliner I'm using has great staying power. But I use the liner sealer whenever I'm just using a pencil eyeliner because pencil liners tend to be easily smudged or erased because of my eyelids. I haven't seen this in any Watsons store selling ELF products for a while so maybe you'll have to order it online. Anyway, hope you'll also try this for longer lasting eyeshadow color. ;)

Here's the link for:
ELF Website
ELF on Facebook


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