Friday, May 18, 2012

Movies I'm so psyched about (before classes starts)

I'm always a fan of fiction movies, it's like the inner kid of me always screams out asking to watch these kinds of films. Well they are not just fictional, they are quite mature actually. Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait for these to be showed on cinemas. I'm just so excited!!!
I'm excited about the movie TED. It's about a stuffed toy, a teddy bear named TED who came into life because John wished his bear would be real. And Ted never left his side ever since that day. Seth MacFarlane who's the creator Family Guy voices over Ted, and can I say that I'm excited to see Mila Kunis here? Anyway, here's a nice trailer of the movie.

And in case you want to view the movie with the Thunder song, here is the clip. The lyrics? Ok here it is. 
When you hear the sound of thunder,
Don't you get too scared.
Just grab your thunder buddy,
And say these magic words;
(puts up middle finger) FUCK YOU THUNDER!!
You can suck my dick!
You can't get me thunder
'Cuz you're just God's farts (fart noise)
Okay, enough of that already. Let's move on to MIB 3! I've always loved how Will Smith plays J in  MIB, actually I always loved watching his movies like Hancock, I am Legend and of course MIB 1 and 2.  MIB 3 is about J geting back in time just to change the future, because the future he lives in doesn't include K in it. And he wouldn't even allow it because K has been his lifetime partner in MIB. I love these 2 and I think you'll also do. Here's a trailer of the movie.
And the last movie I'm totally psyched about is Total Recall. Why? It's an action / fiction movie. I love fiction, I'm totally in for action. Both things I love in one movie, of course I'll watch it. Total Recall is about a factory worker thinking that he's a spy. Thing is, he has no actual memory that he is and he doesn't even remember his life or even who is he working for. This is actually a remake of what Arnold Schwarzenegger had in 1990. Anyway, I love the effects and the fight scenes in this movie. KATE BECKINSALE is here, so this is a must watch (just because I love Underworld and Serendipity.) And Jessica Biel is also here, so I guess it'll be great.

I'm quite excited for these three movies and I can't wait because we'll be having our classes starting June 5. Arrrgh. That'll be in a few weeks and I still haven't hit a beach or a pool. Well anyway, tell me what movies are you excited about. ;)


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