Friday, May 18, 2012

Med student's Blogs

Yes, I've told you I'm a med student so I don't just follow beauty blogs. I've also been reading medical student's blog. I found a lot of them quite similiar to what I've been experiencing. Some are funny, always exciting and sometimes heart breaking. Oh well, here are some of the blogs I've been enjoying right now.
*Anonymous Doctor
*Asystole is the most stable rhythm
*Blogs of Medical Students
*Frylime: a quasi-medical autobiography
*I C Med People
*Life as a medical student
*Little White Coats
*Med School and the Rest of it
*Med School, Eh?
*Restless Med student
*Scrub Notes Medical Blog: Tips for Med Students
*Someday I'll be Dr. Dre
*The Journey to an MD ... And Beyond
*The long road to Medical School
*The Medical Student Blog
*The one with the Red Stethoscope
*Training Grounds: Rambling thoughts of a surgical resident
*A Cartoon Guide to becoming a Doctor
*Doctor Grumpy in the house
*Action Potential
Well, I hope you'll enjoy reading them as much as I do. Let me know if you have other blogs to suggest. I'm so game for it! ;)


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