Monday, May 21, 2012

Mall Hopping - Mini Haul

I went to Alabang to meet up with Alvin. We just wanted to have a bit of celebration for our 43rd monthsary since we don't usually see each other everyday. I dropped by to Joyo, a boutique where you can buy Chinese or Japanese brands of cosmetics. I have to buy 2 HengFang mascaras for KC and Agatha because they liked how the mascara is really waterproof and it's only 69pesos. When we met at Starmall, I told him that I wanted to have sunglasses like his (Aviators) so he bought me one for 50pesos. It's typically the same with his, the difference is that mine had a gold rim.

We had our lunch at Sbarro, again, because it's our favorite place to have pizza.  We always have 1 pizza and 1 pasta then we split the 2 in halves. Why? Because we can't have 1 pizza & 1 pasta each, we won't be able to eat it all (we have tried it and ended up taking home our left overs.) Today we tried the Angus beef cheese pizza, it was loaded with beef that are easy to chew. Actually the pizza tastes like Chicago Everything pizza, difference is the Angus is loaded with beef. Then we had 1 meat lasagna in white sauce (because we both love white sauce.) Yes of course, I had my own Infinitea Caramel Milk tea again. We had the most fulfilling meal ever! <3

I actually forced him to smile in this picture because he's so hungry that time he wanted to start eating his half of pizza already.
Then we proceeded to one beauty boutique where he bought me a Maybelline Hypersharp Liquid Liner and Maybelline Water Shine Pure lipstick in MF21. He personally picked the shade of the lipstick and I loved it. ;)
After having that he needs to get back to their place because they've got something to do. Besides I will be heading to SM Mall of Asia to meet up my family because they suddenly decided to buy school shoes for me and my brother they even wanted to watch a movie in 3D. When I arrived there we strolled the mall looking for good pairs of black shoes. 
Dad found a set of fragrances he likes at Ralph Lauren and we got a free samples of the other ones. And after an hour, I found mine in Hush Puppies, which we bought for only 1,600pesos because it's on 30% sale. We didn't even know it was on sale until we were at the cashier. I love it because it doesn't have high heels which I won't be needing when I'm at school plus the toe part is quite roomy.
Then after I chose my shoes, bro got his at the Mario D' Boro for almost the same price as mine. I have no idea, is there a sale in that place yesterday? I mean there are lots of people and almost all the prices are cut down. Anyway, before going home we had some snacks at Tokyo cafe. I had Peach Caramel crepe for 105pesos, I like it but I think the price isn't right.
Anyway, here's the picture of my mom and dad while having our snack at Tokyo cafe. Mom had a tuna sandwich and Dad got his Cafe Latte. He told me that the latte lacked in coffee taste, Mom answered him, "it's because it's latte." She's right you know. ;)
And here's an awkward picture of me and brother Marco, we're trying really hard to look good in this photo but as you can see, it's an EPIC FAIL!
Oh well that's practically it. Here's a shot of everything bought that day. From food to make up to shoes and food again. <3


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