Monday, May 28, 2012

Strip It! Waxing Day

And because I'll be going out swimming tomorrow, I have to wax my legs just to get rid of ALL my UNWANTED hair all over my lower limb. I have no idea why my lower limb is so hairy. I mean I wax it and I've never shaved it. Even before I started waxing during last year in Nursing, those hairs tend to get astray like they tend to get curly even though I'm not doing anything with it. Anyway, let's move on with this.

When I got home from the Superb Sale bazaar, my brother, Marco told me that a package from Strip it arrived hours ago. He actually opened it already telling me he wanted to see what's inside the package. Anyway, I bought this for 200pesos plus 60pesos shipping fee. It came with a medium container of wax, wooden spatula, 1 set of cloth with 2 free sheets and an instruction guide. It was inside a pink paper bag, how cute! May I just add that this product smells SWEET!!! ;)
1. Clean the area first. The best time probably to do waxing is after taking a bath. Clean and dry skin is needed!
(No heating required. But if you're comfortable with warm wax like me, you can reheat it for around 5 seconds in the microwave.)
2.  Using the spatula provided, apply a THIN layer of wax on the area in the direction of hair growth. I said thin layer because based on my experience, when I put a thick layer of wax, it just won't pull the hair effectively. (Pardon my legs for being that hairy.)
3. Press a strip of cloth provided unto the area and rub it in the direction of hair growth for a few seconds. Don't forget to leave a space without wax on the cloth or else, you wouldn't be able to hold the cloth upon pulling it.
4. Quickly pull the strip of cloth against the direction of hair growth. If you do this slowly, the hair will not come off.
5. If some hairs didn't come off, you can just re-wax them by using the strip with wax and repeating the procedure. Or if that'll be 1-5hairs left, you can just tweeze them. Repeat the procedure until you're satisfied with the result.
6. Just wipe away the excess wax with a damp cloth. TA-DA! Finished!
Don't worry about the redness or the little bumps, it is normal because you just pulled hair from that area. It subsides after an hour or so. The only thing I don't like about this is the cloth provided. It rips at the side as I pull it forcefully. Leaving the other part of the cloth hanging on my leg with hairs half pulled.
And I end up feeling like this!
So I decided to use the cloth I've been using from my previous wax kit. Anyway, besides that cloth I don't have anything against the kit because I'll definitely buying another set of these after finishing this medium size. Since it's natural / organic, I didn't have any allergic reactions after the procedure! Ms. Arlette, thank you so much for this product! ;)


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