Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Labor day with the Girls

May 1,.. Labor day..
My friends, Agatha & KC, told me that many people will be at the mall because there are no classes and office today. But as I have told them, no people will be waking up at 7am just to be at the mall by 10am! That means, it'll be just us and some other people who just wanted to stroll the mall. 
Here's the detail of that day in bullets:

*Went to my house to deliver the balot and add on some make up. (From left to right) That's KC wearing a white top and shorts, Me with a black shirt and pants and Agatha with a checkered polo and tokong. Agatha, changed from tokong to white shorts. Oops! the large photo is blurred, sorry for that.

*From our house, we have to ride a jeep to Alabang for 34pesos each. We even had an encounter with a kid wearing a Spiderman costume ;)

*At Alabang Starmall, I requested that we try the coffee and chocolate float  at Jolibee just to cool off the heat from outside. The one on the left which is darker is the chocolate float, and the lighter one is a coffee. I love the chocolate float because it is exactly the same as the hot chocolate they served in the morning. In short, I love them both. (Sorry about the picture, the sundae was already melted when we decided to take a picture of it)

*Before heading for the bus, we took a picture of Agatha because it's her first time here at Starmall Alabang. She said that her friends during nursing is that she needs to make a wish everytime going to a mall for the first time.

*At the bus going to MRT Magallanes station, we can't help but also take a photo. Then Agatha notice that the bus had pleated curtain, she finds it nice actually.

*We have to walk from the bus stop to the MRT station, which is not a nice thought because it's really hot in the streets. Luckily, we saw a yellow sports car with 2 black stripes running infront to the top up to the back of the car. Way too cool, we didn't have enough time to capture it in camera. Agatha can't remember if she ever rode an MRT before so we can't miss this and even took a picture! 

*As we arrived at SM Megamall, we strolled to find some make up goodies and tried a lot of make up testers. From lipsticks, eyeshadow, powder, blush, highlight, mascara etc. It was really a lot! and KC took benefit of it all and she looks gorgeous with it. It came to a time that whenever she puts on a new make up, we couldn't tell the difference because she have already tried many products. We even saw a job fair held that day.

*For lunch, they have tried Sisig Hooray because I'm always telling them how delicious it is whenever I have an order. We all had Pork sisig and we had Bubbatealicious Milk tea for a drink. I had Caramel, KC got Taro and Agatha had Chocolate (as usual because she loves chocolate.)

*After having our lunch at the food court, we went straight at Toy Kingdom because it is just facing the food court and we saw the Avengers just outside the store. We can't help it but take a picture with them.
Iron Man
The Incredible Hulk
*They're not part of the Avengers but we saw the statues and decided to take a picture of them.
Darth Vader
*A little later, PJ joined us because he's free and he just wanted to stroll the mall before going home. Besides, he's just around the place so he went straight to see us.

*After picture taking with the stars, we went around the mall again to look for shoes. Agatha's obsession apparently. From Mango, VNC, Nine West, Charles and Keith, People are People and many more. These images are all Agatha's feet trying on some shoes.

*After a tiring hour of trying on shoes and make up testers, we went to Papa John's to participate in the Unli Pizza Promo they have for only 6-9pm. But as we arrived there at half an hour before 6, the place was already loaded with people inside and out of the restaurant.  So we decided to just have our dinner at Sbarro instead.
Chicago Everything
Baked Ziti with Alfredo sauce and Pinwheel
*Before going home, we stopped by Red Mango. I wanted them to taste the frozen yogurt I'm so addicted to. It's just in original with almonds and chocolate chips as toppings. LOVE IT sooo much!!!

*We went home after finishing the FroYo. We rode a bus straight to Pala-Pala, Dasmarinas but we didn't find free seats so we ended up standing. After sometime, few people went down and we got our chance on seats and we again took a picture before going down the bus and head our way home. I had tons of fun with these people, till next time! <3


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