Monday, April 30, 2012

THE AVENGERS movie date

Alvin and I went out to watch The Avengers because he's been begging me for weeks just to watch it. Anyway, for this day I forgot to take a picture before going out and this is the most decent picture I got from that day. It's because he can't take a nice photo and I have no idea why. I wonder if you can see the hint of cat eye shadow on my make up?

I enjoyed it. Alvin enjoyed it A LOT and he kept on saying, "There's HULK, that's my favorite! GRRRR..." If I would be listing the times he said it for the whole movie, I would have needed a notebook to track it down.

STORY: Good one! They threaded the stories together perfectly like it was a fine piece of cloth. The plot was great knowing how Black Widow got her way thru Loki's mind to get the information needed. And the funny scenes was HILARIOUS! The cinema house roared with laughter whenever Iron Man says something off topic and especially when Hulk does something unexpected!!!

EFFECTS: EXCELLENT!!! (I am totally speechless)

Black Widow: Idol!
Hulk: Crazy antics was wayyyy too much, I love it!
Captain America: unnnfff.. Can you be less sexy?
Iron Man: WTF are you saying?! ahahahah
Hulk: SMASH!!! Grrr.
Hawkeye: Can you please explain how you target an enemy behind your back?
Thor: He's getting a lot of arm work out with his hammer, I can see that.
Loki: You got serious sibling rivalry issues, work it.

I have nothing more to say, uhmm maybe 2 thumbs up! It was really a great movie, so those who haven't seen it GO BUY TICKETS and watch it NOW! Here's the only picture I got with the Avengers.

Let us not forget about my milk tea cravings during that day courtesy of Alvin!

Can I just add a cheesy post?


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