Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday Family Day

We had to go to Dasma immediately because Dad need to get his pustiso fixed right away, besides he wanted to have some Bulalo for lunch. I need to do the chores because our kasambahay took her day off yesterday and will be back tomorrow morning. Err! I didn't have much time for myself to even put on some decent make up. I just had my Oil Eliminator from Krave, BB cream, pressed powder from Clean & Clear, blush from Avon & lipstick then set it all with Mist Spritz from Krave. I've done a review of the Krave products I've used, click HERE for the link. Here's what I looked like, sorry for a quite bare face here.
Anyway, Dad is busy with the dentist so I decided to take a picture of my Mom and Marco. Just showing you guys about their outfit of the day. Look how mom looks like. Cute! Sorry about the photo quality, I'm just using my phone here. After the dentist we head for Tagaytay to have some Bulalo! ;P


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