Monday, May 21, 2012

Hi there, little kitty

I always feel my heart breaks everytime I see animals being abandoned or hurt by people. They are just small creatures and can't hurt us human beings. Even not the small creatures, old dogs or cats left in the road where they get killed on the road. I'm actually fighting tears thinking about these poor animals. If only I could adopt them all or take care of them, but I can't. I don't have my own house, I don't even have my own money to buy you food. I'm sorry.
Today, our dog Strike kept barking so I looked out the window to see what is he barking at. There I saw a kitten crouching at our gate. It was so thin, so small and its fur has patches. Maybe he's lost, I run my finger on his head to comfort it a bit because I think it might make him feel a bit better. He liked it! I took my camera and took a shot of him.
After this shot, I realized that his left eye is gone. Maybe he got played by kids. My heart literally broke into pieces and I can really feel pain in my chest (seriously.) I kept talking to him as if he can hear me. I said things like, "where is your mother?" or "are you lost?" and "are you hungry?" He wouldn't leave that place and he kepts on meowing.

So I looked for a small cup or bowl that could be used by him so he could have some milk. I gave him Nido because we don't have any other milk here. He loved it and drank half of the milk I gave him. It made me smile. :)
When my mom saw him, she asked me to get rid of it and place it in the vacant lot so he won't be another roadkill. Mom always tells me that cats make the worst smelling poo ever so she doesn't want cats around our place. I left him there with the mini cup of milk hoping his mother will find him or he'll find his way back home.
I immediately went back inside the house to avoid seeing what might happen to the poor kitten. My heart is broken already, I don't want it be in more pieces than before. An hour after, I heard a meow. And when I looked outside our doorstep just passed our gate, there he is crouching like he did before. I don't know what to do. I hope he finds a nice home that'll take care of him. ;(

I really don't know what to do with this kitten. He won't leave. I can't have him because mom will get mad at me and order me to place it somewhere. I placed him in the same place where I left him before, I gave him 4 pieces of paper as his bed and a cup of water. I'm really sorry little kitty. :(


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