Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ONLINE SHOPS I've been visiting a lot lately

Yes, online shops. I've been visiting these shops over and over again. Why? They have good products and I kept reading all the testimonies of buyer or bidding on auctions or even just reading the ingredients of a product. Anyway, let's get down to business and start with the shops.
*If you're in to Asian Fashion (Korean or Japanese), this is the site to visit. I mean you'll love the clothes that they are selling.  You can recreate the look of your favorite Asian star with the clothes and accessories that they have. You've got to check out this site, here's a shot of their page.

*Yes, it is from zero. The bidding always starts from zero. It has great US authentic products, low increase rate on each bid and they have a bid everyday! How great is that? After seeing this page, I kept on visiting it everyday and placing my bids on products I like. Here's a shot of their page.

*I've been using wax for over 4 years now and I haven't tried any chemical wax because I've been using HoneyBees Wax ever since. And this page gave me another alternative, another organic wax made from Calamansi. I'm actually quite excited to try it because we're going swimming next week so I'm kind of getting ready so I ORDERED MINE! I will be doing a review once I got my order, as of now here's a shot of their page.

*Yup, this is the page. The other one I've posted is the seller herself. The products here are US authentic products and all you need is to pre-order or just choose from the products that are on hand. Great thing is that she gives great discount and sale most of the time. Check it out! Here's a shot of her facebook page.
*I love BB cream and I've been using one for years now, but somehow I need to find something that's really gonna satisfy what I need when I say BB cream. I first found out about this page because Color is My Weapon did a review and I'm quite convinced so I'm so ecstatic to win the giveaway or purchase my own Encara BB cream. She's a make up artist living in Cavite which makes me more excited because the place is near our school. Anyway, here's the shot of her page.
*If you love accessories, this the page to visit. You'll surely love the necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They are all so cute, it's like you can wear them with every outfit. Plus! She gives great prices which is affordable for the great pieces of accessories on hand. Visit the site and check out the items. Here is a shot of her page.
I hope you find the right product you're looking for. These are great sellers and you can even talk to them about skincare, beauty or fashion. They've got contact details on their page. See you there! ;)


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