Monday, May 7, 2012

Appreciate this kilig

This post will be an appreciation post.
The bestfriend I had ever since I was still in 2nd year nursing, he never failed to make me laugh. He never fails to give me sermon whenever I fail some quizzes and always pushes me to be the best. I can feel the pressure of being the best even though I'm just part of the middle group. I'm not always at the top or bottom, I'm always settle between during classes but that's the best I can give. And I want to thank you for appreciating everything I've done so far.

Who would have thought? You just called the wrong number and started to befriend me. I never knew who you would be calling and you told me you already forgot about it, but I don't care. That accident lead me to meeting you. The transition from being bestfriends to being a couple didn't make that much difference. I didn't even notice it at all. Our dates as a couple always had been full of never ending fun. And when I look at our pictures together, there is always a wacky shot.

Yes, we're in a relationship but it's like we're still bestfriends. People would wonder why aren't we that sweet or romantic with each other. I would say, that's just how we are. We love having fun everytime we are together. My friends would notice that he will always find time to visit me and see me even just for an hour or two even if he we are miles apart. Well, I appreciate that. On my point, I don't want him on the road when night hits. Even if he doesn't listen to me and insists that he's a guy, I still worry like I won't be able to sleep until he calls me saying he's home. You would never know what happens in the streets especially at night.

I appreciate everything he's given me, every moment we had fun together and every pieces of affection will always be treasured. I just want him to know that I appreciate EVERYTHING related to Alvin. More years and may Godbless us both. <3


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