Monday, April 30, 2012

Daddy's Girl

Today I went outside to have my pedicure done and go to the bank to deposit payment from the package I ordered online from Make Up Hub by NC. As I went to the counter an employee of the bank came over and asked, "Are you the daughter of Sir Rey?" I was actually shocked when she asked this because of some facts:
*The times I was in that bank can be counted on 1 hand
*I wasn't wearing any I.D. stating my surname
*Whenever I'm at that bank, I don't have mom or dad with me
*I didn't even have my name on the slip

In short, I really had no idea how that lady knew I was my dad's daughter? The thought in my head? "Do I really look like my dad?"

When we went to Cagayan (dad's province), the elder relatives of dad will always tell me that I look exactly like him when he was a kid. Other elderly will sometimes even get shocked at seeing me because they say that I look like dad's grandmother (lola). They would then talk about how dad was when he was a kid. And lots of good things. My dad according to those elderly (and according to his own experiences) he is a good kid to almost everyone and a good kuya to his 2 younger siblings.

Dad would always tell me that he wished that his first daughter will have a resemblance of his lola. He says that he loved her so much because for him, she is the greatest lola any kid would have. He would recall the first and last time he took one 2pesos (it was on paper back then) from his lola's cashbox was when he was around grade 2 or 3 thinking that she will never notice it because he took it in the middle of the stack of paper bills. His lola never told him that she knew because she counted the amount of the money not the pieces. Dad said, "That's why she kept on laughing the day I took one. I never knew! She just told me when I was in high school."

Here's a picture of my dad at Cagayan. This shore is just a few meters away from their old house. Dad told me that this was their playground back in the time when he was a kid living at their small town.


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