Thursday, February 20, 2014

LAURA MERCIER: Luxe Colour Wardrobe, Dual Decker

This might be the best gift I'll ever receive from my parents. Part because I love make-up and also because this is the first time they have ever given me a gift that involves make up. So let's start?
It is the Laura Mercier Luxe Colour Wardrobe, Dual Decker Colour for eyes and Cheeks. It's cute because it's a dual decker. It has a blending brush, smudge brush, pencil brush and flat angled brush. More after the break!

It comes in a bulky purse-like, leather covered, magnetized snap and stylish container. I really like it, it's like a great example for the word POSH!
And it opens up to have a huge mirror. Then the top deck is composed of eyeshadows that vary from matte to shimmer to glittery. Ok let's check the first row of these beautiful eyeshadows.
Morning Dew: Matte cream
Coffee Ground: Matte dark brown
African Violet: 2-tone, purplish pink, shimmer
Ballerina Pink: Matte light pinkish-white
Crystal Beige: Shimmer, medium brown
Sable: Slight shimmer, taupe
Dusk: Shimmer, Purplish-white
Deep Night: Matte navy blue to almost black

The lower deck is composed of a huge highlighter with 2 blushes and 3 powder eyeliners. They also included a pencil liner.
Gold Shimmer: large chunks of glitter that literally looks like your wearing gold jewelry on your skin. I mean it, this highlighter is the bomb!
Heather Pink: Matte bright pink blush
Barely Pink: Matte peach blush
Espresso Pencil Liner: Matte, Rich dark brown
Black Ebony: Matte, Blackest black when used with water or setting spray
Ground Espresso: Matte, Light brown with a hint of olive
Bleu Marine: Matte, Royal blue

Even without a primer as a base, these eyeshadows show off their true colors. They can stay for almost 6 hours, and if used with a primer and setting spray can last up to 12 hours. This product is available at any Rustan's branches. The thing is that it is very pricey. Well, I think the product had it's stand. Well, that's practically it. Thanks for dropping by! ;)


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