Monday, February 17, 2014


Being a milk tea lover that I am, as you have know if you have read some of my posts, I am always in search for new milk teas. This is because I know that each and every store has it's own type of milk tea. So here's another on to be added to my adventure. JELLY TEA. Their store is located at Martas Bldg, Mangubat Avenue, Dasmarinas Cavite. They are located at the back of NCST and near the RCBC bank.
They have a wide range of variety of drinks. They have milk teas, fruit teas, rock and salt milk teas, traditional teas, coffee latte and oreo blends. We ordered rocksalt and cheese milk tea in Hazelnut. It was delicious! They also have different add-ons to choose from like: nata, egg pudding, black sago, coffee jelly and green tea jelly.
What I liked about the Rocksalt and Cheese milk tea is its uniqueness. The cheese as distributed on the sides of your drink, which gives your milktea a hint of sour taste but not easily noticed. The rocksalt was definitely new to my taste when it comes to having milk teas. They give that tangy taste that compliments the milktea deliciously. Definitely new and far from the other boring milk teas that I have tried. I suggest you try this one too! ;)


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