Friday, May 24, 2013

Residencia del Riego

This vacation was planned long time ago. And this schedule was due because we got it from Cash Cash Pinoy. You will get a lot of promos on that site, from travel, to furnitures, food & dining, lifestyle to accessories. The best deals are here! Plus, you can even pay the promo at 7eleven, banks, creditcard or LBC. Convenient right? Anyway, let's move on to the place where we stayed for a night. Residencia del Riego at Alitagtag, Batangas.

Ok, I'll walk you through the whole day we spent here. And all the facilities that the resort has to offer. First one is the cottage, I love how classic the cottage looks like. Nipa as the roof, capis for windows and heavy wooden doors. It looks so nature acquianted.
The ambiance is really cozy, the moment you enter it it's like you can immediately fall asleep. The room is fully air-conditioned with 2 twin size bed, 1 bathroom and 1 refrigerator. And it has it's own dining area just beside the cottage, it also has a mini sink.
The whole alley of cottages looks definitely cute. Oops! I don't know if the word cute even suits the description. The cottages surround the 3 pools in the middle. There are also a lot of Dwarf Golden coconuts all over the place.
They also have their grilling station. So you don't have to bring your own griller. You just have to bring some charcoal with you.
They have 3 different levels of pool. The kiddie pool, which is almost 3 feet deep. Another one, 4feet. Then the other one is 5feet. All of them are surrounded by dwarf golden coconuts and is equipped with underwater lights that change at night.
They also have their own restaurant where you have a free breakfast if you have an overnight accommodation. They also have a menu where you can have a meal any time of the day.
And at night, you can enjoy cocktail drinks at their very own bar. You have to pay alcoholic corkage (1thousand pesos) if in case you want to bring your own alcoholic beverages. You can bring food and softdrinks freely inside the resort.
That's practically the amenities in the resort. I love it and the day went well. Good food, good company and great place. It's almost an hour drive from the Star tollway. Just ask for directions and the people at Batangas will greet and help you in anyway they can. The photos here are all mine and are not edited. Thanks for your time reading this article. Don't forget to share! ;)


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