Friday, December 14, 2012

My Morning Skin Care Routine

I never skip my morning skin care routine because it preps my face for the battle  its gonna face during the whole day. Besides, who doesn't want to look fresh going out of their houses. Anyway, let's get on to this.

1. The soap I use on my body is also the soap I also use on my face. Why? This is because it cleanses my skin and it dries it out a bit. I like it a bit dry because after an hour after washing my face, my face tend to get oily already. I use Safeguard (for anti bacterial purposes, of course I don't want germs in my face) or in the mean time Skin white (for skin whitening purposes.)

2. After using soap on my face, I use a facial wash. Yes I want to dry out my skin a bit so I can escape being oily for a few hours, but the facial wash makes my skin soft and smooth to prevent the flaking the soap might have done. I use Eskinol Oxygen Skin Renew (it can be used as facial wash or facial mask!)

3. I don't pat dry my skin, uhmm air dry is best for me. My skin feels hydrated with just having to dry it out that way. I'm just in my room, so no smoke or bacteria or germs to cling to my face while I change my clothes.

4. After it has partially dried out, I use a toner just to clean the dirt left by the soap and facial wash. Deep cleansing is what I'm talking about. I am loving Eskinol Classic Whitening Facial Cleanser for years now. When I haven't tried this my skin keeps breaking out and I still think I'm still in puberty. My mom has been using it for years so I asked her if I could try it, she said yes and from then on I've love it.

5. Yes I have oily skin, but after that a bunch of cleaning to my face I still need to protection. Myra Vita White with ActiLight Complex has SPF 15. Oh yes! That needed SPF for protection from the sun and prevention of early signs of skin aging. I love it. It's non greasy, absorbed by the skin completely and quickly dries so you can use it underneath you make up or powder.

Disclaimer: The pictures I used in this post are not mine, I just got them from the internet.
Well that's practically it because after all of this (if I'm not too lazy that day) I'll put on make up or just have a powder on my face and I'm good to go. Let me know about you Morning Skin Care routine. ;)

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