Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Birthday gift

As you have all known, I'm not much into gadgets unlike my brother who is very techy. I usually settle with what I have. Let's take for example, my phone. I had this phone since 2010 as a gift of graduating BS Nursing. And I'm still using it and I have decided to keep it until it gives up. One day, my mom and dad called me downstairs to show a gift for my birthday.
Please pardon the quality of the shot, I just used my phone in taking this picture. Take a look at that, Samsung Galaxy 7.7.. I'm at awe! I don't even know what to say but THANKS. I'm still figuring out how to manipulate this thing and when I do, I'll write a post about the things I enjoy with it. Any comments about this thing that I should know? Tell me about it in the comment box down below. Thank you for your time reading! ;)


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