Monday, August 13, 2012

Don't worry gelz

KC just learned that her father had asthma when he was younger and she inherited the disease. One day, KC had an asthma attack that her wheezes can be heard even if you are just seating next to her. I accompanied her to the school clinic and asked to be nebulized. After a few minutes, her condition  got a bit better. A little later, the gelz (a term we use when we call our guy friends) barged in the clinic looking for the girl who had an asthma attack.
I discretely took a picture of that moment. They would still end up in gaspangan even if KC is not feeling that great. Well, it's kinda cute watching these guys worry for her that they bother to drop by to the clinic and check up on her. That kind of attitude on guys is what you have to look for when getting to know guys. I just wanna say we're quite lucky to have them as friends. Thank you for time reading! ;)


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