Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pot Dog: Yummy Yes Delights

If you have been reading my blog posts ever since I've started, you know that I'm kinda stingy when it comes to things that I need especially if it is classified as wants. When I need something, I try to save money for it. The things I need are like books, highlighters, backpack and school related things. When I want something, I think about buying it for more than 5 times then I rethink about it if I'm going to purchase it or not. The things I want are like make up, make up and make up. Anyway, enough of the prologue. Let's dive in to this Food stall.

Pardon the guy on the lower right corner of the picture. That's our good friend Fritz. We asked him if he could treat us for 1 order of crab egg and he immediately did bought us an order! We actually shared some of it so tapong din. Anyway, if you are looking for alternative fast food for a cheaper price, this is the place to be. For as low as 45 pesos you'll be getting yummy delights that'll keep your tummy happy. 

You should try it, their stalls are mostly located near the supermarket of malls. Have you tried any of their foods besides crab eggs and crablets? Let me know at the comment box below. Till next time! ;)


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