Monday, June 18, 2012


My uncle Ses and aunt Medina needs to clean their house because they left it a week ago. So they asked us if we can take care of the kids for a few days just until they are done cleaning their house. And I would just like to introduce to you my lovely cousins from the Mahusay clan.
This is how I spent my Independence day!
From the one of the farthest left, that's Jeanette. She's the youngest of the three siblings. She's a tough girl and she would bully her older brothers just to get what she wants. But she loves her brothers that sometimes when Jenric needs company because he's scared to be alone in a room, she would be there for him.

Beside Jeanette is the eldest, Jericho. A very mild mannered kid. He is the best KUYA this 2 kids will ever had. He's always like a referee whenever the younger kids fight. He would also tell them to keep their manners whenever talking to older people, even manners during meal time he would tell them to act nicely.

Then the one beside me is Jenric, the middle child. He's the happiest kid you'll ever meet. He laughs hysterically at small things, and his laugh is so intoxicating and infectious. You'll be laughing the minute you hear it. He's also scared of going alone in a room. 

That's practically it. We had a lot of fun during their short stay in our place. They wanted to go back to our house if ever they don't have any classes. Mom and Dad love having kids around the house. How's you family?


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