Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Human Lasallian Star 2012

The Human Lasallian Star had been done last year in celebration for the 100years of Lasalle. It was a record breaking stunt (as what the Emcees have said.) Our college required us to join so we had no choice but to go. I had fun with friends, so I guess it was worth it. Anyway, my mom saw this on the news and she excitedly told us that she saw me and my brother in the grounds with hundreds of people.
Here's an aerial shot of the star. We were supposed to be at the Area H where   we are a part of the star. But instead, we ended up being part of the border or frame. It was actually really nice seeing how the star began forming as people walk at the grandstand. I've been part of the Lasallian family for almost 6 years now (Nursing then Medicine years) so I'm quite proud to be part of this. 
These guys made the event fun, it was really worth it having them around. Look at those SLRs! Wayyy to techy, I can't handle that. ;)


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