Monday, May 21, 2012

Vanity Table c/o MOM

My mom told me to use the large mirror made of Narra when I'm applying make up so I'll be able to clearly see what I'm putting on my face, and it is beside the window in case I'll be needing extra light. I don't usually use it because I have my mirror beside my closet which I always use but mom is right, I don't have enough lighting when doing my make up. So she decided to rearrange my make up on the table and she also placed a large light just below the mirror.
This was my study table before it was like this. You can still see the set of pens in a cup and memo pads on the right side. Well, I love it! Thanks Mom! You really did a great job on this messy table of mine.

At least now, I can clearly see what I'm doing. I always wonder why I haven't thought of this before. Oh well, mother knows best! <3


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