Monday, May 28, 2012

Stippling Brush

I've been using this stippling brush when applying make up because I saw a video of Judy from itsJudytime from Youtube using a stippling brush. She said that these brush can create an airbrush look when using a liquid foundation. And I saw another video from gossmakeupartist which he explains why and how the stippling brush works when applying a foundation. Anyway, let's move on and give this brush a lil appreciation!
I bought this at Festival Mall just at a stall on the Lower ground floor, I think it costs around 100? I can't remember actually how much is it, but I bought it because all the stippling brush I saw was around 500plus pesos. I'd settle with this brush for now and it gave me good results when I'm doing my liquid foundation application before finding the right stippling brush I need. It is also easy to wash because it's not dense. ;)
Here's the link for:
itsJudytime channel on Youtube
gossmakeupartist on Youtube with foundation application


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