Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rambling thoughts

I have tons of things running through my mind right now.

First is that I haven't started reading a book! I finished 5 chapters of Obstetrics last week but I'm not confident enough about that. And I just kept on reminiscing the experiences I had when I was rotated in an OB ward. The childbirth is just a magical event. You'll be in awe everytime a baby comes out!

Second is that I love those make up giveaways and I totally love the tutorials whether in Youtube or even in their blog. I also love reading about their reviews on different products (most of them I don't have) but because of those reviews I'm able to choose the products that I buy wisely. Much love to those people!

Third, I really enjoy blogging nowadays. I wonder if I'll be able to keep it up when classes start since our senior batchmates told us to be ready and be more focused in studying because there are less subjects to be exempted on for this year. Another thing is that, it's not like our first year exams where every week we have a major exam for each subject. This second year, we'll be having all major exams for a week. That's why our seniors call it HELLWEEK.

Fourth, I wonder why students have to join a fraternity or a sorority? I was once asked to join a fraternity with promises that there will be no torture initiation, help with the exams and help during internship. I kept on wondering, good doctors become who they are today not because a fraternity helped them thru med school but because they made it on their own. So why would I bother joining even with those promises?

Fifth, I'm also wondering why many people wanted to have an SLR of their own? Yes I know that it takes really HD shots and the picture always ends up really good, but is it really necessary that you flaunt it? I see many people at the mall carrying their SLR on their necks like it's just a fashion statement necklace. You're just an SLR user, not a photographer right? Maybe someday I'll ask one, "are you going to a photoshoot?" or "isn't that thing heavy?" I'm just concerned, it might get snatched or hurt your nape or something.

Sixth, my impacted tooth is gone! But I'm hurting due to the wound it caused. I'm so glad I didn't cry out there. Yes I'm a nurse, and I've injected many people of all ages. From babies to elderlies, you name it I've done it. I'm also planning to be surgeon someday (or pediatrician) so I'm used to cutting people during surgery. But I don't want to be injected with anything even if it is vaccine. I don't want to be the one lying on the surgical bed looking at the surgical team ready to operate on my. I don't want it because I know how it hurts, I know what happens, I know what are the worst scenarios that can happen and many more! That's why, I don't want any needle or blade to touch my skin.

Seventh, I barely go to church anymore. I remembered this because of the number 7. I miss it actually. Every time I go to a chapel and pray, whenever I'm done praying it's like I've just taken a shower. It's really refreshing, I feels so light I could fly right then and there. It's like I'm healed from every pain I could feel. It's like I'm ready to take on any stresses in life. Keep on praying!

Eighth, I miss my closest friends during my nursing years. Those girls give me happiness whenever I'm at school. It's like nursing life will be incomplete without them. I suddenly remembered that in our in-house review in a retreat center Angel's Hills in Tagaytay, we were living in a two-storey dorm with 6 beds. I was so glad I was with them the whole time. At the door of that dorm, we posted JEJEHAUS rules and countersigned it. Later we learned that other people, apart from our nursing batch, saw our post at the door and started taking pictures of it. One time, we saw a group of girls asking us if we could have a picture with them. They told us that their school is having retreat by batch in that place and the 1st batch saw our door post and it became infamous ever since. ;)

Ninth, I'm wondering when will I get married? I'll be finishing medicine by 2015 and I'll be 25 years old by then. After that, I need to take an internship of 1 year before taking the board exam. I'll be 27 or 28 by then! I'm really worried because I know that advance age gives complication to both the mother and baby during pregnancy and childbirth and I can't risk that. I'm also wondering if my current boyfriend will still be with me after I finish this course. 

Finally, even though I wanted to buy things I like or want or need I always think twice. I just can't. Example, I badly want a lipstick or foundation, I would be thinking about it for 2-3days before I can decide to buy it. The thing I'm just glad about is whenever I accomplish a good thing or did something great at school, that's when I reward myself with things I want. I don't even think it's bad but I'm currently loving make up these past few months. ;)


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