Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pretty Aswang

You might be wondering why the title of my blog post is like that, well that's the title of the blog of KC, a friend of mine who also loves to read blogs. Anyway, I'm doing this because I want to share her blog to my readers because if I enjoy reading her blog, I'm sure you too will! This blog is mostly her personal one so it contains a lot of details from her life in and out of medschool. Here's a picture from her blog, actually that's her having her Mocha Frappe from McDonalds. 
I love this girl and I really enjoy her company together with Agatha, we had tons of laughs every single time. Anyway, enough of this. I'll let you dive in to her mind as you browse thru her blog PRETTYASWANG. You can also find her at Bloglovin like me, you can both follow us there if you don't have a blog of your own. Till next time! ;)


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