Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Famous Buko Shake in a bottle

Maybe it's summer because the Buko Shake in a bottle is such a craze these days. In our place, I've seen 5 stalls selling that. I mean it's actually cheap. You can have a refreshing buko shake for as low as 20pesos and it's convenient because it is in a bottle so you don't have to worry about it being spilled over. I've tasted one and yes it does taste like a buko shake of course, but I'd still go for the fruit shakes in our school canteen. They have different fruits and you can even mix them together, like my favorite buko cheese!!! Here's a shot of my brother Marco who just came from school with this bottle in hand.
Sorry about the poor quality, it's just a webcam shot. Anyway, enough of this blabber. Marco told me, I'm saying too much stuff to be in this blog. Well, till next time then. ;)


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