Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Divisoria Haul

Yesterday I was at Divisoria to buy my mom slim umbrellas because I lost mine when I was with Agatha and KC at Ortigas. Going there, I ended up buying a whole lot of things. I need them actually, not just want. Let's start. These are the things I bought at Divisoria.

tawad: (verb) Filipino word, when you want the price on the product you want to go lower than the selling price
I got this one for 150pesos, they're actually selling it for 180pesos. I love the leopard print. I got a rainbow colored one like this for mom. She's actually happy with the choice of style for her.
I got this hat for 50pesos, I forgot to make tawad because I'm so excited to have mine. This should be for my mom but she already has a hat from Northface, so this cute one is mine!
When we were at the bazaar at SMX, I saw a MAC stippling brush for 220pesos and KC told me it's a good one and it's very soft but I don't want to buy 200plus brushes if that was a SALE because KC bought her MAC stippling brush for 120pesos at the online shop. So when I saw this at Divisoria, I asked about the price and they told me it's 180pesos, I need to make tawad again because it's kinda too much. I bought mine for 150pesos!
My old tumbler is broken and the ones we have here have handles. I don't like handles on my tumbler because it's bulky inside my bag. So I looked for one at Divisoria, a stall was selling them for 150pesos. This time, PJ had to make tawad for me. And I bought it for 100pesos, thank you dear!! ;)


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