Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blast before Class

It's less than a week before our classes start so I decided to just enjoy swimming even if the pool is on the 33rd floor which is the top of the condominium. Anyway, let's start with this review of this day.
We had to have some breakfast before going to PJ's condo since we didn't have some before heading to Pasay. I had a pair of pancakes and Kc got Sandwich muffin and a regular burger. We both ordered Mocha Frappe because we both love coffee and Agatha introduced this to us.

Here's a picture of PJ and I. He arrived at Mcdo Taft minutes later as we finished our breakfast. He just woke up when we texted him.
Here's a picture of KC and I smiling awkwardly at the condo unit.
That football field is where the Azkals used to play. I'm just at PJ's balcony.
I don't know why but everytime I look down, I have a feeling of falling. And I kept on wondering how does it feel to fall from this high?
We are already at the rooftop and we are so ready to jump at the pool!!!
We so happy!!! ahohohohoho
I bleed green!!
My very own jumpshot! Taken by KC. ;)
After 2 hours of swimming, we got ready before heading out for lunch.
Wai Ying is a fast food chain at Ongpin, just a few streets behind Binondo Chrurch, where they serve Chinese cuisine. We got a bit lost along the way.
PJ and I got milk tea jelly, Kc got coffee jelly. About our lunch? It was so good, you should try it here!!! (Top to bottom) Fish fillet, Chicken Mushroom and Asado Rice. YUM YUM! ;)
My lunch here made me one happy girl!
I haven't been to Binondo church so I asked them if we could just have a moment inside before heading to Divisoria. The church looked so great and ceiling has beautiful paintings. The circular windows above are just 3D painting, how cool is that? MAKE A WISH, it's my first time here!
Divisoria Haul, will do a separate blog post about this.
One of our classmates have this katana / samurai sword like umbrella which he got abroad. We found them at Divisoria and got them for 150pesos each!
We went to Harrison's Plaza to meet up KC's friend to get a free ride home.As we were at the mall, people were staring at their umbrellas and a guy even asked PJ where did he got it. KC and PJ look like they're gonna kill someone with their katanas.
AHAHAHA! KC's glasses popped out from the frame! She even asked me to pay for it at the optical because she told me it's my fault even though I haven't touched it. I paid it for 100pesos with PJ's 50pesos. It's like I didn't even had a free ride home! I love these two and I had a great time, laughter, chikahan and bonding moments with them. ;)


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