Friday, April 27, 2012

Approved by a KID

I was talking to Alvin just a few hours ago thru Skype about him getting his driver's license and what would be the plan for our date tomorrow. He excused himself for a while because he needs to have his dinner. Then all of a sudden his grade 5 cousin, Angel, came out of the pictured and started talking to me.

Angel: When will be your next visit here?

me: I don't know, I'm quite busy these months.

Angel: You weren't that busy last year, you were able to visit us quite frequently before.

me: I wasn't a med student last year remember?

Angel: I was thinking, I wanted to be a flower girl on your wedding!

me: WHAT?! That will be in the next few years, not now. And you will be a bridesmaid by then because you'll already be a lady.

Angel: How many years will I wait for you and kuya Alvin to get married?

me: *laughs* I need 5-6 years maybe? I need to finish school and become a doctor.

Angel: That's a long time!

me: We need to wait. Everything has its own time.

And that's when Alvin asked her what we talked about and she just smiled. Anyway, I still told him about our conversation and he just laughed it out just like I did. Kids are always like that. They spontaneously say what they want, and you'll love them for that. They are so honest at how they perceive things that you'll be shocked at how observant they'll be. 

Oh well, here's a picture of her during our short Skype conversation. She's holding Alvin's phone because I texted that we should talk some other time personally.. ;)


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