Friday, May 17, 2013


The milk tea store across our school. Yup, just across our school but I seldomly go to this place. For me the milk tea here is quite expensive. Well, that's only my opinion because I don't stretch the limit of my wallet in terms of the things I want. Ok, I'm blabbering again, let's move on.
Photo from Bon Appetea Facebook page

Bon AppeTea. Ok so it's famous in other places, but for me it's still part of the unknown world. So here it goes. I ordered the safest order like always, House Pearl Milk Tea. It's the usual milk tea with pearls. The tea is quite bland and the milk is a little bit overpowering. Tastes sweet and I like it. They also have different drinks in which they only serve cold:

  • Milk teas = of course! this is a milk tea store!
  • Fruit teas = fresh fruit juices, I haven't tried this one
  • Salt and Cheese foam = I have no idea why it has to have a foam
  • Yakult teas = OMG! I've tasted one of these and it's delicious!
  • Frappes = I haven't tried this one because the flavors are like the ones you see on the labels of ice creams
Photo from Agatha's instagram
The price range from 60-110pesos with sizes medium and large, 16oz and 22oz respectively. They have sinkers like pearls, honey aloe, nata de coco, coffee jelly, caramel jelly, tricolor jelly, egg pudding and panna cotta which all costs 15 pesos (except for the pearls, they are just 10pesos). If you wanna try this and you are near la salle it is just across DLS HSI Dasmarinas Cavite. They have location in Ortigas, Manila, BF HOmes, Laguna and Cebu. Check out their facebook page for more details. Thank you so much for your time! ;)


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