Saturday, January 26, 2013

I had 3 days of good sleep

Oh wow! Nothing can be more relaxing than 3days of non-stop, mind blowing, eyes puffing, skin wrinkling (I'm just saying random stuff here) SLEEP!!! OMG!!! I love having events that last for more than a day. During my undergrad years, we have this CNM days where there is MAD fest, talent night, club presentation (like Tics & Tremors, Arte etc), Coronation night, Battle of the bands, Sayawan, Cheerleading competition, relay games and sportsfest that'll make you want to attend starting 8am-12MN. It's like you don't wanna miss a single day because there is a lot of going on. Sometimes you have to choose the event because they all happen at the same time. An example is that there is a basketball game while there is an elimination for the dance competition. HOW DO YOU FREAKIN CHOOSE?! 

We also had events this week. What can I say? Uhmm...  Nothing much happened, it's more like having a 3-days lecture-free. I've also been hearing comments about this event and I'd rather not state the obvious. I compliment the officers who made this possible, but I still don't like that muffet.

Oh well, I enjoyed the Amazing Race because I found a map. Some of my friends haven't got a map even though the organizers hid 21 maps which is enough for 21 teams.  They told us that they have search the place for a whole hour and no other maps are seen. So what happened? The teams are from different colleges;3 Undergraduate, Post graduate and other College Departments. I just hope that they would have played because I know it'll be fun beides they also paid the registration fee. Anyway, we got some running man logos and I'm good with it.

We also got switched with another team's score sheet. Ok it's our fault we haven't placed our team name on the sheet but the other team haven't written their team's name also. We know we got the other team's score sheet because we got 10bonus points on a dice game in which the marshall told us we were the first one to get it. At the end of the race, we tried to look for our score sheet with the organizers. Too bad we didn't find our score sheet on the pile of those team who submitted their score sheet. I wonder where did our score sheet go. Pinangpunas na lang siguro yun ng pawis. Oh, our team managed to be in the fourth place. With only 4 points from the third place winner. THAT MADE ME FEEL GLAD!!! ;))

Random, they have this secret attendance for plus points on a certain subject in which onlya few people know of. Wow! How cool is that? I have been there these past 3days and I haven't got any news like that. Swift move.

Overall, I got 3days of good sleep before we have another exam on Monday (Pediatrics) and Pathology practicals on Thursday.


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