Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Craving for Krave!!!

I hope you all have a happy happy new year full of blessings. I don't usually have a new year's resolution because I tend to forget most of it. So I just try my best to change negative attitudes I have which might ruin relationships in the future. So tell me, do you have your own new year's resolution?
Anyway, moving on with what I'm going to show you. I just like to show you my mini Krave Minerale, collection which I got from Make Up Box for the 10% sale on all items. I've been using the Oil Eliminator and the Mist Spritz for quite sometime now and I'm loving it. 
I am currently trying the Fruttie Poreless Toner Spray and the Organic Liquid Foundation. So far, I'm loving the effects of the Fruttie Spray. About the Organic Liquid, i'm still getting the hang of it. I'll talk about it in detail in the following posts. Have you tried some of the Krave products? Anyway, thank you for reading and till next time. ;)


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