Monday, August 27, 2012

Acquiantance Party

Cor Christi had an Acquiantance Party last friday where we got to taste Japa's mom cooking. OMG! I love the food!!! The party started with a prayer sang by Joland. He was practising even before the party started, and I was like "Is that a CD playing?" Agatha just told me that it's Joland practising his song. My jaw just dropped to the floor.
After the prayer, we had the national anthem then an opening remarks from the President of Cor Christi: Phil Iver Guevarra. *insert applause here* Look at him, so in the theme of RETRO!!! ;)

Without further a do, let's move on to what we have for dinner! OMG! I am so hungry that time that I thought that these small balls are candies. If I didn't smell them or touch them, I wouldn't know that they are just for decorations. Sorry guys, I am really hungry that time.
NOW for the food that I have been dying to try. We got beef (I think it's stroganoff), eggplant (with cheese then covered in bread crumbs and deep fried) and some buttered veggies. I love it so much, I had to take another serving of rice.
And of course, the girls are complete. Yes of course, we also had to do some make up just in time for the retro theme of the night! ;)
And we just can't get enough of the kilig factor from these two! OMG! I am literally dying that night because of them! We would even build a Team Medical Center for them after we survived a liver challenge after a wedding!
And let's not forget about the gelatin that Fritz personally requested from Japa just because he love gelatin. I am outta words. I think it's a milk gelatin with crushed graham crackers at the bottom.
I just loved the food so much, I had to have another one. Thank you so much Cor Christi for having this event. And thank you for a very entertaining night. From the dance of the guys to the games played. The dance was so awesome, I was screaming at the moment where Sansu was lifted with all the synchronized steps of the guys dance. 
From Left to Right: Kent, Fritz, Phil, Joland, Ed, Gio
Sorry I don't have pictures from the games because I was enjoying the night that I was kinda busy playing. If only I had a dorm, I would have stayed until the party ended. The only game I was on was "I love my Cor Christians". May I repeat that I love the food? We didn't get the chance to say goodbye to Kent because he's busy talking to the alumni of the organization so si Phil ang naghatid sa amin palabas.
The sun goes down, the starts come out and all that counts is here and now. The universe will never be the same, I'M GLAD YOU CAME! ;)


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