Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hearty Breakfast for a Bad Dream

I woke up because of a dream that I lost my tooth, just 1. It was so clear in my dream that I took out my tooth and then brushed it to make it look clean then I showed it to my mother. After showing it to mom, I placed it back to where I pulled out my tooth. The thing I'm wondering is, in that moment my tooth was reattached to its place and in that dream I said I'm only dreaming and I've got to wake up! That's the moment I opened my eyes. I felt bad about it because of Filipino superstitions says that when you dream about losing a tooth, a close relative might be in danger. I immediately told my mom about it and she told me to bite into a wood just to contradict what might happen according to the elderlies. Oh well, I still felt gloomy about that until I saw my breakfast!
String beans wrapped in bacon. I have no idea who have invented this but I love it. It actually tastes good. And I bet it's easier to prepare, just look at it. You just have to wrap the string beans in thin slices of bacon, pin it with a toothpick to secure then fry! I had to dismiss the bad feeling I'm having just to enjoy this breakfast, hope you'll also try this one. It's yummy! ;)


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