Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Beauty Junkee's 5th Anniversary ULTRA SUPER MEGA Giveaway

I have been following and reading The Beauty Junkee since 2011. That's just the time when I was starting to learn more about make up. All I ever knew during my duty at the hospital are baby powder and lipstick. Little by little I started to try different products that I read about and how too use them and TBJ has made a great mark on that on me.
Photo Courtesy of Ms. Martha of The Beauty Junkee
The TBJ isn't only about beauty, it is also about health. And I would like the small amount of readers I have to learn about this blog. I mean, it helped me with feeling good about myself. I hope you too. And by that, I'd like you to join the giveaway by clicking this link! See you there! ;)


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