Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Med Students Haven

For a med student, having a highlighter is necessary. Why? Color on the text you are reading helps you memorize it. It stimulates your brain to remember more out of the notes. I can't stress this enough and I kept on going round and round as I say this. Anyway, I just wanted to show you what CDR-King has install for us!
This can be compared to Stabilo which is around 28pesos. Agatha says it's worth it and it lasts long. When she says it lasts long, I believe her. Why? Because she highlights almost every word on her notes leaving only "the" or "and" or "in" and the like.. While I don't actually do that because, I use ballpen to encirlce or put a box on the word I try to remember. Anyway, that's practically it. If you want to have this highlighter, you can visit CDR-King at Robinsons Dasma or any other branches of CDR-King! Thank you for your time and Happy studying.. ;)


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